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Tea Party packages (each package can be made to suit any occasion, additional charges may apply)  All packages include: China Service, Mixed Victorian Tea Service upon request.  To book please call: 917-719-6844.

Novice Tea Party "Tell me everything you know about tea"

PRICE: $1,500

25pp min -  Includes: 4 course tea menu 2 teas (types of teas you are familiar with, only better) Water Sparkling Soda China tea ware 2 servers 1 Tea sommelier Florals, linens and table settings are additional

Aficionado Tea Party "Im ready to delve into the 7 wonders of tea"

PRICE: $2,250

All of the above+ +5more ppl for a total of 30 Tea Selections for this package are: two extraordinary lesser known tea types, A photo shoot of guests as they arrive* (* additional photography for the entire event is $1500 which includes a download of images on day of and 1 photo book keepsake)

Connoisseur Tea Party Package I "Bring on the Single Estate and Master Blends"

PRICE: $4,000

Includes everything above+ Tea Selections for this package are: Connoisseur Tea Selections (single origin and master blends) Add 10 ppl for a total of 40 ppl Add one more course for a lovely 5-course tea Add Champaign for each guest A 5 minute video short set to the music of your choice (keepsake of guest of Honor and attendees arriving) ** $2,000 for photography and VIDEO of entire event

Tiffany’s Signature Tea Party Package call for pricing

75 guest minimum - 100 guest max Tea Selections for this package are: Novice, Aficionado or Connoisseur Tea Selections 5-course tea, Champaign, photography and video of entire event included

linens and table settings included

5 servers included 

Tea Tastings and Pairings

PRICE: $1,500

30 person max Choose from the following: Tea & Wine Tea & Cheese Tea & Chocolate

Combo Pairing

PRICE: $2,250 (tea, wine & cheese pairing or tea, wine and chocolate pairing)

Each Pairing comes with a complete discussion/education regarding the pairings Supplies Needed: A kitchen area, one large table or several tables for the participants of the pairing to sit)

Tea Lovers Tasting

PRICE: $2,550  

20 person max Tasting, discussion and education around a specific group of teas.


First Course

Tea Sandwiches (choose 4)

Curried Chicken Tea Sandwiches

Goat Cheese-Olive Sandwiches

Cucumber - Salmon - Watercress Tea Sandwiches

Egg - Chive - Salad Tea Sandwiches

Creamy Vegetable Tea Sandwiches

Hummus and Lemon Tea Sandwiches

Cucumber and Mint Tea Sandwiches Curried - Ginger - Chicken Tea Sandwiches

Goat Cheese-Carrot Tea Sandwiches

Moroccan Spiced Chicken Tea Sandwiches

Tandoori Vegetable Tea Sandwiches

Second Course (choose one sweet and one savory)

Scones with Crème Fraiche & Jam

Chocolate Scone

Rosemary - Olive Scones

Raspberry Scones

Lemon Pepper Scone

Third Course

Macaron (choose two)



Green Tea

Earl Grey

Forth Course

Cakes or or Petit Fours

Cake Options (choose two)

Plain Pound Cake

Almond Cake

Lemon Pound Cake

Red Velvet Cake (covered in cream cheese)

Red Velvet Renegade (covered in ganache)

Double Chocolate

Vanilla Amaretto

Vanilla Berry

Assorted Petit Fours

Fifth Course (choose one)

Strawberries and crème fraiche

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Standard Tea options (choose 2)

Earl Grey (bergamot oil scented tea)

Black Beauty (black tea floral blend)

Beauty (floral blend - herbal)

Chu Mee (green tea)

Iron Goddess (Oolong)

Tie Kwan Yin (premium oolong)

Hibiscus Breeze (herbal blend)

South African Rooibos (herbal)

Hibiscus Berry and Fruit Blend (Herbal blend)

Moroccan Mint Tea (green blend)

Aficionado and Connoisseur Tea Options will vary

Sparkling Soda

Lemonade Iced Tea (optional)

Tea Pairings, Tastings Menus are designed according to the desires of the client. All cheeses, teas, wines and chocolates used for our pairings and tastings are organic/ sustainable whenever possible, single origin, premium, artisanal, and fresh.