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Times like these I just want to think about the peace and calm of tea…

This weeks episode of Tea Life w/Tiffany features @MarioTravels and the Legendary Flo Anthony @banananosekid - Celebrity Journalist and Novelist - Flo Discusses her new book: “Deadly Stuff Players and Mario takes tea in Dubai.




Catch up on your Tea Life! #watchwhileyousip in this episode @agiftoftea , @mariotravels, @morrisjumel & Erica Morrison

Fall time means Chai time - enjoy this and other amazing premium, artisan tea with our Tea of the Month Club

Tea by Tiffany offers customized tea events for all occasions.  Logon to learn more

Anticipate the next steep.

Anticipate the next steep.

I have always been fascinated with French as a language and French Tea Culture, which serves as a primary guide for Tea by Tiffany ….. c’est magnifique… look at this cute short film.

A wonderful setting for a Moroccan Themed Tea Party!!

Are you a member? The next shipment goes out today….

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